Flooding Response Policy

Saukville Village Board established the following Flooding Response Policy on March 19, 2008:

“Preventative measures for avoiding or minimizing flood damages generally are limited to deployment of sand bags. Other than the generally recognized function of a municipality to take reasonable steps to promote public safety, health, and welfare within its jurisdiction, there are no established policies/protocols regarding the protection of privately owned structures (e.g., homes, businesses, etc.) from flooding. Consequently, private property owners must bear primary responsibility for the protection of their property, and should not rely on the village to assume that obligation.”

In view of limited or over-extended resources in the event of a flood emergency, the Village has determined that the most effective use of village resources will be to protect public facilities, give the earliest notification possible to property owners, and to provide for sale available materials such as sand bags and sand, at cost, to property owners (subject to reimbursement).

The Village will:

  • Disseminate information received regarding potential flooding in the Village.
  • Provide sand bags (empty) and/or sand at replacement cost to Village residents. Sand Bags  will be maintained at the Public Works Garage at 649 S. Main St. during normal working hours and by the Police Department after work hours. A supply of sand will be maintained outside the Public Works Garage gate to fill the sand bags.
  • Provide information on sand bagging procedures. 
  • Provide curb side pallet pick up and disposal services for used sandbags.
  • Provide protective services (sand bagging & pumping) for municipal buildings/facilities.

The Village will not:

  • Provide pumping services to private property.
  • Sand bag private property.
  • Fill sand bags to be used to protect private property.
  • Deliver sand or sand bags to be used on private property.
  • Owners of properties that are susceptible to flooding are encouraged to check with their insurance agent to determine if they have adequate flood coverage and to take such other precautions and preparations as deemed appropriate.

If you have any questions please contact Dawn Wagner, Village Administrator at (262)284-9423.