Sewer Backups & What to Do

A "sewer lateral" is an underground pipe that is part of your home's plumbing system. It carries wastewater from you home to the sewer system. 

If the sewer lateral at you home or business becomes plugged and is backing up:

1. First course of action should be to stop using water and contact the Village of Saukville Sewer Utility, who will check the Sewer Main in front of you Residence or Business to verify that the Sewer Main is open and flowing.

2. Sewer Utility Staff will then contact the property owner and inform them if there is no blockage in the street and/or if that blockage has been cleared.

3. If the blockage problem is in the property owner's sewer lateral, which runs from the building to the Villages main in the street, the next course of action would be for the property owner to contact a plumber to open the lateral (at their own cost).

You may contact the Saukville Sewer Utility with any back up issues during normal business Hours, Monday thru Thursday, from 6am-3:30pm, Friday, 6am-10am. At 262-284-3185 or at 262-284-9423. FOR ANY AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS OR WEEKEND BACK-UPS, PLEASE CONTACT THE SAUKVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT 262-284-0444. They will contact the Utility's on-call personnel to respond to your request.