Other Information

Remember to check your sump pump and make sure it is hooked up correctly to the discharge lateral and not to the sanitary sewer system. Per Village Ordinance, it is illegal to hook-up or discharge storm water or clear water into the Village’s sanitary sewer lines. Since all discharges to the sanitary sewer end up at the treatment plant, this creates additional problems to properly process the wastewater for eventual discharge to the river.

If you find water standing in your basement, stop using water in your house immediately.  Watch the height of the water on the basement floor; it should stop coming up, then either stay the same or go down slowly.  This indicates that you may have a plugged sanitary sewer lateral leading to the main sanitary sewer line and you should call a plumber immediately.  Remember that your low flow 1.3 gallon per flush toilet has very little water to flush the solids out through the lines.  Be careful what you flush.  A lot of paper product in your toilet requires a lot of water to move it along.