Major floods in Wisconsin tend to occur either in spring when melting snow adds to normal runoff or in summer or early fall after intense rainfalls. Flooding can occur after a slow build-up of water causes a river or stream to overflow its banks or it can occur very rapidly with little notice. Floods can cause loss of life and severe damage to homes, buildings, crops, and roads. Owners of homes in flood prone areas should purchase flood insurance protection for their homes through an insurance agent. Buying flood insurance to cover the value of a building and its contents will not only provide greater peace of mind, but will also speed recovery if a flood occurs. You can call 1-888-FLOOD29 (1-888-356-6329) to learn more about flood insurance. If your home is damaged during a flood, you need to be concerned with the structural integrity of the home, electrical safety, food safety, removal and prevention of mold and mildew, and
removal and replacement of your home's damaged contents. You should contact your insurance agent to discuss claims and listen to local media outlets for information about assistance the federal or state government or other organizations may be offering.

Basic Safety Tips for Clean-Up

  • Always wear waterproof gloves and boots while cleaning a flood-damaged house.
  • Never turn on a wet electric appliance. Be careful before using any electrical appliance in a flood-damaged house.
  • Throw out fresh or frozen food that has come into contact with floodwater.
  • Thoroughly disinfect food contact sources, such as dishes, countertops, refrigerators, and pantry shelves.
  • Remove wall-to-wall carpet and padding that has been saturated with floodwater.

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