Outdoor Warning Sirens

Saukville is responsible for the installation and maintenance of outdoor warning sirens.  Outdoor warning sirens were designed to warn people who are outside; they are not designed to be an indoor warning device, although on occasion you may hear them indoors.


Outdoor warning sirens also have limitations.  They are not designed to:
  • Wake you up at night, especially if storms (rain and wind) are creating additional noise or to alert you if you are indoors, especially in newer, more energy-efficient, and better-insulated homes with additional electronic noise (like air conditioners, stereos, or televisions on);
  • Reach every square inch of a municipality.  Outside, environmental factors such as the direction and speed of the wind, relative humidity, and air stability can affect where sirens are heard on any given day.
The outdoor warning sirens are tested in Saukville on the first Friday of every month April through November at 1 p.m.  In the event of inclement weather, the monthly test may be cancelled.