Salvage Vehicle Inspections

When do you need a Salvage Vehicle Inspection?
A salvage vehicle inspection is required in the State of Wisconsin when a vehicle has been in an accident and determined totaled by an insurance company. The vehicle can then operate on the road after passing the inspection. 
  • WI Title in the owner's name. Exception - WI Dealers may present a completed MV-11 document in the buyer's name. The title presented at the time of the inspection shall be a WI salvage title.
  • 4 pictures showing damage prior to repair (all sides of the vehicle).
  • Completed major parts statement MV2673 in triplicate and receipts for new or used major parts. For any used part, the owner/agent must ensure that the vehicle identification number for any donor part is documented.
  • Completed MV1 document in duplicate and in the owner's name for the specific salvage transaction.
  • Business size envelope with required postage.
  • Personal Check
  • Titled owner must be present for inspection.
Failure to provide any of the above items will result in the failure of the inspection.

Fees for SVIs

  • $10.00 per vehicle fee 
  • Additional Fees paid by separate payment.
  • $25.00 fee No Call, No Show for appointments.
  •  There may be an additional garage/lift fee if needed