Med-Return Drug Collection

Please do not discard old medications by flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash.  Wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to remove these contaminants and they can seep back into the drinking water. 

The Saukville Police Department has a Med-Return Collection unit located in the Police Department building.  Residents can bring in unwanted or expired prescriptions and turn them in at the office counter for proper disposal.   This service is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

 Accepted:                                   NOT Accepted:

OTC Meds 

Prescription Meds.                      Needles (Sharps)

Prescription Ointments               Thermometers

Patches                                       Aerosol can

Meds. for Pets                             Meds. from businesses
Vitamins                                       Inhalers
Samples                                       Liquid Meds

Additional OzMedDrop Locations include:
Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office                 262-284-7172
Cedarburg Police Department                     262-375-7620
Grafton Police Department                          262-375-5320
Mequon Police Department                         262-242-3500
Port Washington Police Department           262-284-5575
Sharps and needles are only accepted for disposal at the following locations in Ozaukee County:

 -Columbia St. Mary's Hospital-Ozaukee    262-234-6700
- Aurora Medical Center Pharmacy             262-329-1600
- Aurora Pharmacy                                      262-241-5320 
- Ye Olde Pharmacy & Wellness Center     262-375-0010