Automobile Accidents

Per the state of Wisconsin all accidents that involve $1000 or more in damage to any one person's property OR anyone injured OR $200 or more damage to government property other than vehicles must be reported.

If you have an accident within the Village you can report it to the Village of Saukville Police Department's Non-Emergency number.

For Emergency Service call 911.

If you had a past accident in which you did not call law enforcement but now wish to have a report completed you can do so by completing a WI DOT Self Report Form.

Copies of Accident Reports completed by the Saukville Police Department can be obtained from the Saukville Police Department during regular business hours.

Other important things to remember if you are involved in a Motor Vehicle Crash:
  •  If your vehicle is in traffic and able to be moved it is best to move the vehicle to a safe location to prevent another crash or injury.
  • If you are exchanging information after a crash obtain the other driver's full name, address, phone number, registration of their vehicle, make and model of their vehicle, insurance company name and who is the insured party.