Architectural Review Board



  • As Needed 
  • Municipal Center

 The Architectural Review Board, established under § 72-2 of the Code of the Village of Saukville, reviews the site, existing and proposed structures, architectural plans, neighboring uses, utilization of landscaping and open space, parking areas, driveway locations, highway access, traffic generation and circulation, drainage, sewerage and water systems, and utilization of landscaping and open space as deemed appropriate for all development in the A-1 Agricultural District and the R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4 Residential Districts.


  • Jim Nowlen, Chair
    Phone: 262-284-4913
  • Holly Skelton
    Phone: 262-323-1296
  • Pamela Duckart 
     Phone: 414-313-1745
  • Chuck Prendergast
    Phone: 262-284-0744
  • Sherri Yandry
    Phone: 262-268-1552
  • Staff: Dawn Wagner, Administrator
    Phone: 262-284-9423