Water Meters

Customers in the Village of Saukville have a water meter located in the basement of their homes. The meter is used by the Water Utility to measure water consumption for billing purposes. At times, it is necessary for the Utility to gain access to the meter for either maintenance purposes or to otherwise verify accuracy of readings.

The Utility suggests that you allow easy access to your water meter for Utility Department maintenance reasons and so that you can check your own consumption. Also, exercise your valves above and below the water meter at least quarterly. Knowing where your valves are and that they are working properly is critical so that you can easily turn the water off in the event of a water emergency and prevent potential extensive property damage to your home/basement.

If you are unsure where your meter and valves are located, call the Water Utility at 262-284-3185 and someone will assist you. 

Water Meter Change-out Program

Starting in 2021 and throughout the next 7 years, the Village of Saukville Water Department will be replacing all residential water meters and testing commercial/business meters.  Periodic changeout of water meters is a PSC requirement.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to:
 - Provide a clear path to the water meter.
 - Provide fully operable shut off valves on both sides of the meter.  If these valves leak or fail during the meter replacement, it is the property owner’s responsibility to replace or repair them.

Cross Connection Control Program

2021 Informational Pamphlet
In accordance with the Village's "Cross Connection Control Program" as mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resorces (DNR) and DNR Regulation NR810.15, the Village of Saukville Water Utility has contracted with HydroCorp, Inc.(HCI) to assist in managing the Program. HCI will be contacting all property owners within the Village on a rolling basis to set up inspections. The purpose of the inspection is to identify any connections or potential connections of contaminant sources with the public water supply system. The most common form of cross connection is an outside faucet that does not contain a backflow prevention device. A garden hose connected to an unprotected faucet can easily return a variety of potentially dangerous substances, including chemicals and fertilizer, back into the public water supply system. Other common cross connections include dishwashers, toilets, pressure washers, boilers, pools, and lawn sprinkler systems.

HCI is sending postal notices to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout the Village in order to perform initial inspections to detect actual and potential cross connections and make recommendations for the installation of backflow prevention devices or assemblies where necessary. This will help ensure that contaminated or polluted water cannot backflow into clean drinking water. There is no cost for the inspection and each inspection takes less than 45 minutes on average for a business and less than 20 minutes for a home inspection. The cooperation of all affected property owners throughout this inspection process is greatly appreciated.


Fire Protection

The Saukville Water Utility currently has approximately 32 miles of water main and about 300 hydrants located throughout and serving the Village. The primary purpose of these hydrants remain both functional and accessible at all times. If you become aware of a hydrant that is damaged or otherwise tampered with, please notify the Water Utility at 262-284-3185.


All hydrants in the Village are typically flushed in the spring (April/May) and Fall (September/October) each year to eliminate sediment and improve water quality. The Utility will advise the public in advance of flushing by publishing a notice of the anticipated flushing schedule in the Ozaukee Press, on the Village Website and TW Cable Channel 25, and through our weekly e-newsletter - "Saukville Says."


Ready access to fire hydrants is more of an issue in winter when snow and snow banks can often bury many hydrants. The Saukville Water Utility and the Fire Department encourage property owners to clear snow away from any hydrant on or near their property. Your assistance is greatly appreciate and could help save a life.

Water Treatment


The water facilities includes approximately 32 miles of distribution mains, five deep wells, one water tower, and one standpipe with storage capacity totaling 1,000,000 gallons. This system provides groundwater supply to all industrial and commercial establishments, and all residential units of the Village. The current average day pumpage is 1.2 mgd.


The water is of generally high quality, although some water treatment is employed to improve characteristics and to meet 'safe drinking water' standards. Chlorine addition has been implemented at the wells for disinfection and general 'safe water' purposes. The Village water supply contains approximately 21 grains of hardness which is judged as "very hard water" and typically requires the private use of an in-home water softener.

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