Park Rules & Regulations

Park Rules & Regulations



Any party wishing to use the Grady Park or Schowalter Park Pavilions or Concession Buildings, Quade Park Pavilion, or Veterans Park should contact Village Hall for date availability at 262-284-9423.  Reservations are granted on a first-come, first served basis.
Be sure to bring your authorized Reservation form with you to your rental event.

Rental Fees 

Payment is required at time of Reservation.  Reservation and Payment must be made at least two weeks prior to event.
Baseball fields are available for use if they are not being used for league games or practice.

Concession buildings (Grady Park and Schowalter Park) are available for private party rental at an additional fee and with an additional security deposit.

Park Hours 

All Village parks close at 11 p.m.


A $100 security/clean-up deposit is required per facility rented.  Any damage or vandalism done to the pavilions or park facilities shall be repaired by the Village and all costs of such repairs shall be deducted from the security deposit and/or billed to the User of said park facility.  Failure to properly clean up after your event may also result in retention of all or part of your security deposit.  Do not use staples on the building, poles, picnic tables, or any Village property.  Staff removal of staples will result in retention of all or part of your security deposit.  Report any pre-existing damages to the Saukville Police Department immediately at 262-284-0444.


Vehicles are to be parked in designated areas only.  No vehicles are to be driven on the grass area of Village parks unless prior approval has been given by Village officials.


No charcoal grills are allowed in the pavilion or concession stand areas.  Hot coals should be placed in a bucket of water and disposed of in the dumpster (Grady Park only), or taken home for disposal.  Do not place coals in park trash receptacles.

Clean Up 

The park and associated facilities must be maintained and restored to the same condition as when entered.  All supplies, equipment, tape, and decorations are to be removed prior to leaving the park.  Picnic tables that are moved must be returned to their original location.

Intoxicants & Beverages 

A private party intending to have intoxicants at any event shall only serve beer or wine/coolers.  No "hard liquor" shall be consumed or served in Village parks.  Any organization intending to sell intoxicants shall obtain the proper licensing at Village Hall.


No animals or pets are allowed in parks.

Electric Service 

The electric service in the park pavilions and concession buildings is available to user. Outlets are located on the structural posts at Grady and Quade Park pavilions.


Keys for concession buildings can be picked up the last weekday prior to your event.  Keys must be returned to Village Hall the following weekday after your event.

Amplified Music (Live Bands, DJs) 

Village parks are located in residential areas. User must monitor the level of amplified music and take all reasonably necessary precautions to ensure that the volume will not carry beyond park boundaries.

Diggers Hotline 

Stakes or poles shall not be pounded into the ground for flags, banners, sports equipment, blow-up/bounce activities, etc. unless Diggers Hotline has been contacted to provide proper marking.  There are numerous gas, electric, and telephone lines running underground at the parks to service the various park facilities and surrounding residents. By pounding objects into the ground without proper marking, you run the risk of hitting one of these important lines and potentially causing injury to yourself, as well as disrupting crucial service to Village facilities and surrounding residents. 
Please note:  It is the sole responsibility of the User to contact Diggers Hotline prior to any staking in any park.  The Village shall not be held liable for injuries suffered by individuals hitting underground power lines.  The User will be liable for any and all cost associated with damage to park facilities.  Diggers Hotline:  800-242-8511.

Bounce Rides 

Bounce Rides/Houses are permissible for use in Village parks.  Operators must notify the Village of requested use and provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance verifying required homeowner's liability coverage (see reservation form).  Operator must contact Diggers Hotline as stated above.

Tennis Courts - Grady Park & Quade Park

The light switch for the Grady Park tennis courts is on the northwest light post at the court. Please turn off lights when play is finished.
There is no lighting provided at the Quade Park court.

Park Facilities 

Park facilities are outside park shelters.  The Village will make every effort to prepare each park facility to a level of reasonable cleanliness expected for an outside facility.  Beyond this, it is the responsibility of each renter to prepare the shelter to his or her level of expectation.

Local Law Enforcement 

Officers are advised of the park/pavilion reservations and must be admitted while on patrol. Contact the Police Department (262-284-0444) should you have problems with people not vacating the designated rental area during your scheduled rental or need other Village assistance.

Street Closure 

Any event having the necessity to close a Village street at any time during the event requires a separate Block/Street Closure Permit to be issued.  This permit request must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Return of Fees & Deposits 

If cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to an event, the Village of Saukville will return the full rental fee and security deposit.  Within 30 days, only the security deposit will be returned.  The security deposit will be returned after the Department of Public Works inspects the pavilion, concession, and surrounding area after your event.  If the area is clean and there are no damages, the security deposit will be returned.

Inclement Weather 

Inclement weather will not be a reason for refund of reservation fee.  If User wishes to reschedule due to forecasted future inclement weather conditions, the park fee/deposit will be applied to a new date if that date is still available for rental.

The parks are open to the public.  You must share the park area playground equipment, tennis courts, etc.  Please be courteous to all park visitors.