Leaf Collection

Fall curbside leaf sweeping begins the first week of October and runs through November, weekdays only. Leaf collection is not guaranteed - it will be done as time and weather permit. We strongly suggest that you containerize your leaves and bring them to the compost site before the compost closing date for the year.

Rules & Regulations

  • Do not mix twigs/branches/pumpkins or other plant waste with leaves (we cannot pick them up with the leaf vacuum equipment)
  • Do not park vehicles on or near leaf piles that are raked curbside. Our truck will not be able to reach them and exhaust pipes can start a fire in dry leaves
  • Do not rake leaves into large/high piles. Long strips along the curb-line are easiest for the Vac-all truck to collect
  • Do not place leaves on or near storm sewer drains where they will clog the inlets and pipes
  • If you notice a storm drain is covered or clogged by leaves and debris, please help to prevent any water ponding or flooding by removing the debris from the drain area.