Disposal of Construction Materials

Prohibited Actions

  • Dumpsters are NOT allowed to be placed on the street.
  • Materials may NOT be stored on the street.
  • Open burning of construction waste is PROHIBITED in the Village.
  • Drop off of construction materials is NOT ACCEPTED at the Village Compost Site.

Contractor's Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner to provide for the storage and disposal of construction materials. Waste materials must be stored in a manner to keep them from view, prevent the attraction of varmints and keep light materials from blowing in the wind. 

Spring Clean-Up Dumpster - When Available

The spring clean-up dumpster is not for the disposal of more than one cubic yard total for any construction project. Likewise, the curbside trash pick-up provided by Waste Management is not for construction waste disposal other than small amounts. There are several disposal contractors in the area that can provide drop-off dumpster service and are the recommended avenue of construction waste disposal.